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ABSTRACT: Broadband, multi-carrier, software-defined radio (SDR) mobile wireless network infrastruc-ture is directly applicable to the emerging WiMax® 802.16 technology, particularly the 802.16e mobile high-speed data requirements. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) waveforms, as used in the 802.16 technology, can be very efficiently implemented using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) techniques to provide significant architecture advantages.
     AirNet Communications deployed the first commercial SDR cellular base station in 1997 and the first fully adaptive, smart antenna GSM base station in the middle of 2004. The AdaptaCell broadband, software-defined base station provides the foundation for the software-centric realization of this adaptive array antenna system, enabling unprecedented spectral efficiency for network operators.
     Knowledge gained from cost-effectively integrating smart antenna technology into a broadband, multi-carrier SDR base station and from commercially deploying digital cellular mobility using smart antennas provides an excellent foundation for the challenging high-speed mobile data requirements of WiMAX 802.16e. This paper provides insight into a base station employing the SDR, OFDM, FFT architecture - enabling broadband, multi-carrier, adaptive array technology in live commercial mobile environments.

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