AdaptaCell Broadband, Software-Defined Base

The broadband, software-defined migration path to seamless wireless delivery. Today’s intensely competitive, rapidly changing wireless services market demands a network infrastructure that offers a seamless migration path to the wireless Internet, ever-increasing capacity and maximizes coverage. In fact, gaining a competitive edge today requires a future-proof solution that also offers a rapid return on investment.

Where can you find that solution? In the AdaptaCell BTS, AirNet’s patented, broadband, software-defined base station designed specifically for quick and cost-effective migration from GSM to GPRS and EDGE. The AdaptaCell base station eliminates the costly and cumbersome equipment and installation challenges associated with traditional, hardware-based systems. This unique base station architecture —- designed for service providers of all sizes -— supplies the high-capacity transmission speeds required to support today’s high-traffic voice services as well as tomorrow’s sophisticated data applications.

Expand capabilities in record time, at significant savings: The AdaptaCell BTS is the industry’s most economical and easily scalable solution to quickly expanding service delivery needs. AirNet’s software-defined approach has eliminated the costly and time-consuming tasks of installing additional radio, cabling and combiners each time channels are added. Utilizing award-winning, advanced software-defined radio technology in digital signal processing, a single AdaptaCell BTS can expand from 24 to 96 channels of revenue-generating capability through the simple upgrade of its modules.

Rapid migration to emerging services: Each AdaptaCell BTS supports up to 40MHz bandwidth, allowing providers to introduce new voice and high-speed services as quickly as business opportunities dictate. In addition, one base station supports multiple system architectures, so no matter what new performance standards and protocols are adopted, the AdaptaCell base station will be ready to help you offer the newest revenue-generating services.

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AdaptaCell® BTS Benefits:
  • Broadband, software-defined architecture

  • High-capacity with software upgrade path to the wireless Internet

  • Supports coverage limited application with the AirSite® BTS

  • Digital filtering, channelization, and combining eliminates signal loss

  • Reduces costs today; lays foundation for future migration

  • GPRS software upgrade

  • EDGE software upgrade

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